SecuBox - your protective shield for personal protective equipment

Safety and Organization with SecuBox

In a world where protection and safety are paramount, SecuBox offers the perfect solution for storing your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Optimal Storage: Whether it's safety glasses, work gloves, helmets, face shields, or hearing protection - everything finds its place in our SecuBox containers.

Reliable Protection: Our specially designed containers protect your equipment from external factors such as dirt, silicone, dust, and water.

More than Just Storage: Each SecuBox also serves as a constant reminder and instruction to use the necessary protective equipment at the workplace.

Individuality and Versatility: With three available sizes, two color options, and two additional variants, SecuBox offers a wide range of combination possibilities to meet your individual needs.

Practical Application: The SecuBox can easily be mounted on the wall with the included screws or attached to machines with mounting tape. The striking orange handle can also be individually labeled, for example, with the name of the employee.

For an insight into the practical application of SecuBox, please take a look at our references. We are always available for any further questions.

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